"Region V JCI Senate: Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio"

US JCI Senate National Vice President
Mike Andrews #58312
and the
"Continuing The Friendships" Team
welcomes you to the
Region V Senate Information Center


Let me take this opportunity to remind everyone of the upcoming Foundation Fundraiser to be held at the Region V Spring Fling in Indianapolis, IN (See Registration form under Event/Calendar Page) coming up soon on March 25th.  We will again be doing our standard "Chinese Auction".  I know we will again have many great items to be won and lots of participation because "Region V Rocks".  It is customary for each state within Region V to donate a basket worth at least $100 and we are always ready to take more items to be auctioned off.  Donations can be made by anyone for this great cause.

This is the only fundraiser we do in Region V, so let's get ready and show the rest of the nation what a great job Region V does and raise a lot of money for a great cause.

Remember I am always ready to sign up new members too and will always be ready to take your donations and make sure they get to the right people and that your account will be credited correctly.  I also have the ability to check your total giving to date.  So if you are interested in how close you may be to your next level of giving just ask and I will look it up for you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Indianapolis.

Your Region V Foundation Representative
Jon Bruner #58932
(419) 279-5164 or jbd58932@gmail.com




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