US JCI Senate National Vice President
Raymond Ainslie #44136


Spouse: Melodie Ainslie #69200

Home State: Illinois

8911 Huey Rd.
Centralia, IL  62801
618-495-2673 (P) 


Half the year down – half to go. Opportunity still lies ahead. Many wonder whether the glass is half full or half empty. Few realize that the glass is refillable! As far as the good old numbers go - I do not like dwelling over numbers but let’s look at them! We are at -12 for the year and -7 for the quarter. Considering that we had 30% of our base due and 6 of those drops were deceased, again I find that not terrible. We need to continue to groom our Jaycee organizations as they begin their new year and encourage them to recognize their leaders – get with them to promote Senatorship and recruit them new senators!

The Holidays continue as I will travel to the Michigan Post Holiday Party. From there we head to sunny Florida for the USJCI Winter Board. The joint meeting in Louisville with Indiana and Kentucky will round out January. Illinois also has a meeting in January the same weekend as IN/KY. February will find me returning to Michigan for the Jaycee year-end in Lansing.

I want to thank Sherry for providing the opportunity for me to present to the Ohio Jaycees during their Hours of Power. Right on point for my goals! Also “Animal” got me to the Indiana officer training. It was a great time there and some wonderful interaction. Two Senatorships presented and a few shots of Captain Morgan later at the bar! I also enjoyed talking with the Wyandotte, Michigan Jaycees at their haunted House. Thank you, Gary.

We need to continue those connections. The Senate mission statement headlines my article. We are here to have fun, but cannot forget that we need to ensure the Jaycees continue the mission started by Henry Giessenbier. Keep on keeping on. Reach out and strive to foster their growth. With that we have ours.

March will bring us Spring Fling, hosted by Illinois in Springfield. Make your plans to attend. It does fall on St. Patrick ’s Day and I think it appropriate to “Irish it up”. The wearin’ of the green (or orange if your ancestry demands) will be quite appropriate. In addition, in the spirit of my competitions I have laid out – could be a prize in it for somebody and for a State! (I think Voshel would make a great leprechaun!) Registration is on our website and USJCI and Illinois sites.

Let’s keep this party rolling! We are Region V and we're red hot - you're just pissed because you're not!  Holy Crap, How- How- How, UGOTTAWANNA!!

Always believing,

Ray Ainslie #44136